1. General Medical Services

 1.1 Diagnostic Services

    1.1.1 Laboratory Investigations

· Hematology (HB, FBC, etc.)
· Biochemistry (TFT, BUE, etc.)
· Serology (e.g. Widal test for typhoid)
· Bacteriology (e.g. Cultures and sensitivity)

   1.1.2 Radiology

· X-ray, Ultrasound
· Endoscopy and Colonoscopy

   1.1.3 Cardiac (Heart) Testing

· Stress Test
· Echocardiogram

1.2 Pharmacy
1.3 Family Planning
1.4 Vaccinations
1.5 Pre-employment/Annual/Bi-annual medical examination
1.6 Visa Medical examination
1.7 General surgery, major and minor

2. General Out-patient and In-patient Services

· General consultation
· 24-hours Emergency and rapid response (Ambulance services)

3. Specialist Services

3.1 Endocrinologist

3.1.1 Diabetes
3.1.2 Thyroid/Goiters
3.1.3 Pituitary disorders
3.1.4 Hypertension
3.1.5 High Cholesterol
3.1.6 Hormonal Problems
3.1.7 Sexual Dysfunction
3.1.8 Menopause
3.1.9 Osteoporosis
3.1.10 Calcium Disorders
3.1.11 Hirsuitism (excessive female facial hair growth)

3.2 Pediatrician
3.3 Dietician
3.4 Surgical Specialist
3.5 Urologist
3.6 Gynecologist
3.7 Orthopedic Specialist

At Yeboah Hospital, we’re committed to providing the highest quality of healthcare within all our specialties. Call for an appointment with our neurosurgeon.

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Yeboah Hospital provides general out- and in-patient medical services and specializes in Diabetes and Endocrinology. We also offer a wide range of diagnostic services. Our very professional team and well-resourced facility guarantee the highest quality of healthcare.

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