Our Insurance Providers

Yeboah Hospital is an accredited healthcare facility for the following health insurance providers.

 Acacia Health Insurance  Supercare Plus / Supercare / Premiercare / TPA
 ACE Health Insurance  TPA / Maxcare Plus / Royal Care
 Apex Health Care  Silver / Gold / Platinum
 Cosmopolitan Health  Emerald / Diamond
 Equity Health Insurance  Mahogany / Rosewood
 GAB Health Insurance CO. LTD  Standard Plus / Premuim / Premuim Plus / Premuim Plus Plus
 Glico Mutual Health  Enhanced / E-Plus / CUS. Enhance / CUS. Enhanced-Plus / Ultimate / Plantinum / Plantinum Plus
 Metropolitan Mutual Health  All Options
 Nationwide Mutual Health  Executive / Premier / Premier Plus / Previlage / My Health
 Phoenix Insurance  Platinum / Comprehensive / Standard
 Premier Mutual Health  Mercury / Platinum / Platinum Plus
Who We Are

Yeboah Hospital provides general out- and in-patient medical services and specializes in Diabetes and Endocrinology. We also offer a wide range of diagnostic services. Our very professional team and well-resourced facility guarantee the highest quality of healthcare.

Contact us

No.42 Boundary Road,
East Legon, Accra
Opposite the East Legon Police Station

Digital Address: GA-33-0769


E-mail: [email protected]